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  • Great opportunities

    Get noticed and enjoy unlimited career development in an independent business that’s trusted by some of the biggest names in investment banking and stockbroking

  • Great products

    Develop, market and support advanced, mission critical SaaS business management and data analysis platforms for some of the world’s most innovative financial services companies

  • Great know-how & technology

    Utilise the best lean and agile development practices to deliver sophisticated On Demand products that outperform offerings from the largest financial technology solution vendors

  • Great Timing

    New regulations from 2018 will transform key aspects of investment banks’ and brokers’ business with their investment management clients, making the functionality provided by Singletrack platforms even more crucial to these relationships

Singletrack people

"I’ve had hands-on experience from day one; it’s great to be thrown into working on projects and being able to collaborate with a close-knit team"

Our people come from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures, and bring a wide mix of skills.

These include deep industry domain knowledge, specialist technical expertise, and a wide range of sales, marketing, professional services and management expertise.

But what marks Singletrack team members out - and is key to our selection process - is a strong desire to build, deliver and support products that deliver tangible value to our customers and their end users. Our people understand that by transforming our clients’ business, we build the prospects of everyone in Singletrack.

So whether you’re a UX specialist, a sales professional or a data scientist, you’ll need to convince us that you’re not only smart and capable, but that you have what it takes to help move our business forward.

The Recruitment Experience

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Neil Tutton, Consultant, Client Success

I felt good about Singletrack from the start. I had a positive and enjoyable interview which provided a clear explanation of where the company was heading, and the scope for me to progress personally.

I was looking to spread my wings after being somewhat restricted in previous roles; as Singletrack is growing quickly it’s given me the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the business from pre-sales to ongoing support and everything in between

Stephanie da Costa, PMO Lead, Client Success

Singletrack communicated exactly why they needed me and what my role would be. I learnt about the individuals I’d be working with and what the company does in quite a lot of detail, and gained honest opinions about what it’s like to work in a smaller business.

We’re always busy, but never to the point where you can’t cope. Everyone is motivated to share information and advice - Singletrack certainly isn’t dragged down by excessive process or politics!

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Job Insights

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When I joined Singletrack the business only had one significant client but I was struck by the firm’s vision, and by the depth of its founders’ knowledge; I realised this was a company where I could both learn and make my mark.

Today I’m the head of the QA team and still get the buzz. Some days we’re servicing customers with queries or requests, or working on some customisation or testing; other times the focus is on new product development. We’re dealing with clients worldwide and it’s important to the business that we have a good mix of personalities, cultures and language skills. I’m from Mauritius and just looking across the desk I can see colleagues from Russia, Romania , Brazil, UK, Israel, India, Zimbabwe and France.

Bernard Viv Veerasamy, Head of QA

I joined Singletrack in business development after I graduated; I started by getting appointments for Sales and after six months I was winning my own clients. Now my main focus is generating leads, managing my own pipeline and carrying out the sales process from start to finish.

You can learn a lot about the marketplace if you ask the right questions so colleagues come to me to sound out ideas for new sales and marketing messages. From the start I was quite successful in engaging with US companies on the phone, and now I visit our New York office to engage with prospects and see my clients face-to-face

Ben Bidgood, Relationship Manager

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Career enhancing benefits

“I can make a real difference and have the freedom to do the best work I can”


Singletrack is headed by entrepreneurs who believe that finding the right people, empowering them to succeed and rewarding their achievements with accelerated career development, are fundamental to a successful business.

So when we’re hiring we look beyond what you can bring to the company today; we’re seeking individuals who can develop, acquire new skills and help realise Singletrack’s further significant potential. Perhaps this explains our success in recruiting people from outside the capital markets industry, and from the biggest names within it.


Singletrack is a business intent on profitable growth; post probation, everyone gets a share in the business.

Speak up

You’ll be bringing new ideas and new perspectives so you’ll be actively encouraged to share your views with members of senior management and the board. While the CEO and CTO engage with colleagues by working in Singletrack’s open office areas as much as possible, the business also runs monthly, all-hands sessions which keeps everyone abreast of the latest news and plans, whilst also facilitating one-to-one discussions with management and our non-executive directors.


Singletrack’s work ethic is balanced with a healthy diet of social activities, which range from informal after-work gatherings to more structured entertainments that help ensure everyone gets to know the colleagues they’re least likely to work with on a daily basis.

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