High visibility

Singletrack Research Hub is an advanced research distribution solution designed for sell-side firms seeking to increase their return on content, to capitalise upon new generation authoring systems and comply with growing regulation. 

Singletrack Research Hub’s sophisticated targeting, monitoring and notification capabilities enable Research departments to target and manage distribution to maximum effect, and to ensure that all content is recorded and fully monetised.

Target and manage research distribution to maximum effect ensuring that all content is recorded and fully monetised.

“If it wasn’t monitored within Singletrack my research could just disappear into the ether; being able to view readership is very helpful in terms of who’s interested in what research and how to follow up appropriately. You get a lot quicker feedback on whether a note has resonance with clients and the sales team.”


Research Analyst, Liberum

Real time insight

Singletrack Research Hub delivers real time alerts and readership statistics. For streamlined content targeting and distribution there’s a customisable client communications tool with links to research and road show libraries.


To ensure optimum use of content, Singletrack Research Hub features a fully indexed and searchable research library, matched to account tagging schema. Flexible integration options enable the system to utilise the latest generation of digital research authoring tools for seamless content personalisation and real-time metrics.


Singletrack Research Hub gives you insight into:

  • Which clients have read today’s key notes and the most read note this week/month/year.
  • Which sectors are most or least read.
  • Which analysts are increasing/decreasing in readership.
  • Which clients are consuming most and least research and which clients are forwarding research.
  • The shelf life of a research note.
  • The publishing productivity per analyst.
  • The most effective sales commentaries and compilations.
  • The best time to send a piece of research and which aggregator platform is most important.
  • How research consumption varies by client type, device type/location.

“We check the readership statistics on our screens daily, so even after a report has been out for some time we can still monitor it. The system not only shows who’s opened the emails and downloaded the reports but we also really appreciate the ability to identify lapsed clients and where emails are failing”


Sector Head, CI Capital

Resource: Singletrack Research Hub Data Sheet

Download our data sheet here for more information


Key benefits

  • Better targeted distribution
  • Higher client impact
  • Increased readership
  • Client-specific commentaries and research compilations
  • Digital research ready
  • Fully compliant distribution
  • Tiered access to content 
  • Reduced research time to market
  • Reduced load on internal communications
  • Increased research monetisation
  • Readership reporting will comply with regulations

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