Leveraged CRM

Singletrack Edge is a dedicated sell-side CRM platform incorporating advanced data analysis tools that provide the intelligence to monitor, manage and plan revenue generating activities on a fully coordinated, cross-departmental basis.

Designed for an increasingly competitive and regulated environment, Singletrack Edge delivers maximum visibility and control with the flexibility to meet individual user firm’s requirements.

Singletrack Edge can be implemented in weeks to make buy-side client engagement more productive, research distribution more focused and client service reporting more comprehensive.

Advanced Insights

Singletrack Advanced Insights offers another level of powerful business intelligence, including the ability to pull multiple factors such as activity, votes and revenue together in a single view, thereby revealing, for example,  accounts benefiting from high levels of activity but yielding low revenue.

Build competitive edge on the most powerful and flexible sell-side CRM.


  • Align internal resources
  • Prioritise key opportunities
  • Engage persuasively with investors and corporates
  • Measure each interaction
  • Full transparency aids compliance
  • Monetise client services

A complete solution

90% ready and flexible

While Singletrack Edge is a 90% ready system, it was designed for maximum flexibility; individual customisation enables firms to capitalise upon their preferred methods of working and build their own, distinct competitive advantage.

Intuitive and seamless

With an intuitive interface that reflects industry workflows, Singletrack Edge integrates with different functions in a seamless way, enabling professionals to collaborate with their colleagues and ensure that all sales opportunities are promptly recognised and acted upon.

Best practice

Singletrack helps maintain firm-wide best practice, while enabling individuals to 'self-serve' in accordance with their own information requirements.

The Singletrack Way

Actionable intelligence for:

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