Introducing Research Hub

Singletrack launch a research distribution solution with advanced targeting, logging and notification capabilities designed to maximise the return on research content and comply with future MiFID II regulations.  

Singletrack Research Hub enables sell-side Research departments to target and manage research distribution to maximum effect, and to ensure that consumption of content is comprehensively recorded and fully monetised. This standalone product has previously only been available as part of Singletrack’s market-leading integrated CRM and client engagement solution – Singletrack Edge – where it’s been proven in use by capital markets firms on four continents.

“There’s always a drive for greater return on content, but now we’re seeing an increased urgency” explained Singletrack CEO, Stuart Berwick “Many sell-side firms are upgrading their research authoring capabilities and want a distribution solution to capitalise upon it, they require better logging and metrics for both compliance and compensation and they need the means to get the right content to the people most likely to read it and/or trade on it.  

Even some of the largest firms are recognising that their research distribution is out of control” Stuart Berwick added. “They have too much material going out to too many people and it’s seriously impacting the return. They know it devalues their content, it’s bad for client relations, and MIFID II is imminent, so they have to get a much tighter hold on it.”

One of the UK’s top brokerage firms, Liberum, implemented Singletrack in 2012. Michael Burt, a Liberum Research Analyst, commented: “When you write research you obviously want to know that it’s making an impact – that clients are reading it and hopefully acting upon it. If it wasn’t monitored within Singletrack my research could just disappear into the ether; being able to view readership is very helpful in terms of who’s interested in what research and how to follow up appropriately.”

Research consumption notifications

Singletrack Research Hub delivers real time alerts and readership statistics for research content, and for streamlined content targeting and distribution there’s a customisable client communications tool with links to research and road show libraries.

To ensure optimum use of content, Singletrack Research Hub features a fully indexed and searchable research library, matched to account tagging schema. Flexible integration options enable the system to utilise the latest generation of digital research authoring tools for seamless content personalisation and real-time metrics.

Preparing for MiFID II

With the rapidly evolving regulatory environment in Europe expected to spread into other markets, the use of and charges for research must become more transparent. So the pressure is on the sell-side to help clients comply with these new regulations by providing ever more granular data on service provision, in order that the buy-side can accurately and consistently measure, value and report their consumption.

Singletrack Research Hub enables sell-side firms to track, quantify, analyse and report on the range of research services they provide to the buy-side. This intelligence not only enables firms to manage their business more productively and profitability, but it enables them to furnish their clients with the detailed analysis required to meet their own regulatory commitments. All related information can be consolidated in one place in a readily searchable format.

Fast implementation

Singletrack Research Hub is based on the world’s premier Cloud platform so it can be implemented in weeks; there is no IT requirement and users have the assurance of world class security, resilience and future readiness. The product is 90% ready, but was designed for maximum flexibility, so that firms can capitalise upon their preferred methods of working.

About Singletrack

Singletrack was founded by a former JP Morgan CTO and the business has operated exclusively in sell-side capital markets since its inception in 2009.  With headquarters in London’s financial district, the company develops and supplies innovative cloud-based CRM, client engagement and research distribution solutions to investment banks, institutional brokers and research providers.