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How it works

What’s the difference between Singletrack and Salesforce?

Salesforce is the operating platform for Singletrack’s on-demand capital markets applications. Salesforce provides Singletrack’s Cloud infrastructure, resilience and security.

What does Singletrack do?

Singletrack Edge is a dedicated sell-side customer relationship and engagement platform that leverages assets and information to transform business performance and enable Capital Markets firms to build distinct competitive advantage.  Singletrack employs powerful tools for research distribution and consumption monitoring, and maintains the records required to ensure that all activities can be fully monetised and logged for compliance. 

Is Singletrack a data provider?

Singletrack does not provide data but integrates with many different data sources, both third-party (e.g. ThomsonReuters Contacts & Holdings) and internal sources proprietary to each customer. 

How flexible is Singletrack Edge?

Singletrack Edge is an 'off-the-shelf' product with an extensive array of sell-side capital markets-specific functionality. However it is highly flexible and can be configured and customised to meet specific customer requirements, in terms of proprietary functionality, workflow and user experience plus bespoke system integrations.

How will Singletrack enable us to differentiate our services?

While Singletrack Edge is a ready-to use high performance system, individual customisation allows it to be adapted to support and build upon a user firm’s own competitive strengths.  

How do user firms gain ROI?

ROI is derived in many ways as the system provides actionable intelligence to all client-facing parts of the business. So, for example, analysts are able to produce more impactful, targeted research, sales are able to identify and capitalise upon cross selling opportunities and Corporate can secure enhanced allocations in primary deals.


Why buy rather than build?

As a proven, industry-specific system, Singletrack can be implemented faster - at lower cost and without risk – to deliver rapid ROI. (One off solutions tend to get left behind and are vulnerable to dependence upon key personnel)

Why is Singletrack Cloud based?

By building our capital markets applications on the world’s premier Cloud platform, Singletrack Edge can be implemented in weeks, there is no IT requirement and users have the assurance of world class security, resilience and future readiness.

How long does a typical implementation take?

In an off-the-shelf configuration with basic integrations, Singletrack can typically be implemented in 6-10 weeks. More complex deployments, incorporating customisation and integration inevitably take a little longer. As a cloud platform, there is no in-house IT requirement and users have the assurance of world class security, resilience and future readiness.

What systems and data sources does Singletrack integrate with?

Singletrack can integrate with any external system via a variety of technical approaches. Common integrations are with research publishing systems, order management systems, revenue reporting systems, contacts and holding data feeds etc.

How often is Singletrack updated?

Singletrack is updated 3-4 times per year with new functionality, driven by Singletrack's own product roadmap plus feedback from its global clientbase. All customers benefit from these upgrades at no additional charge.

Our Company

What track record does Singletrack have in the Capital Markets industry?

Singletrack was founded by a former JP Morgan CTO and the business has operated exclusively in sell-side capital markets since its inception in 2009. Singletrack Edge is proven in use by leading institutional brokers, investment banks and Independent Research Providers on four continents.  

Who are Singletrack’s customers, and where are they?

Singletrack Edge is used by institutional brokers, investment banks and Independent Research Providers on four continents.  Customers include Liberum, Autonomous, Peel Hunt and Numis.

What is The Singletrack Way?

The Singletrack Way is a comprehensive best practice methodology that enables firms to implement the most effective processes to leverage the Singletrack platform, so high levels of adoption are achieved, appropriate client service levels are maintained and all revenue opportunities exploited. 

Using Singletrack

Will my data be secure?

As Singletrack Edge is built on the Salesforce Cloud platform, users have the assurance of world class security and resilience – proven by numerous blue chip organisations depending upon the Salesforce platform worldwide. 

Is Singletrack mobile (enabled)?


How does Singletrack comply with (new) regulations?

Singletrack was designed to meet established ‘Chinese Wall’ requirements and the system’s inherent transparency and auditing functionality will help firms to comply with emerging regulations around corporate access and use of dealing commissions to pay for research services. FINRA distribution compliant, the system maintains fully audited client trading, research distribution and relationship histories.