Best Practice - The Singletrack Way

The design of the Singletrack Edge platform, together with its implementation and operation, are guided by the company’s best practice methodology – The Singletrack Way. 

The Singletrack Way covers:

  • The definition of objectives and the processes that should be managed in Singletrack to derive maximum business value and efficiencies.
  • Cultural and organisational recommendations to maximise the effectiveness of implementing these processes.
  • Operational/implementation recommendations to ensure user satisfaction.


The Singletrack Way proposes KPIs and dashboard/report snapshots that will give end users and management an instant view of current status, and the ability to take informed action based on that intelligence. Typical business objectives/processes include:

  • Maximise institutional sales management visibility
  • Increase industry survey performance
  • Maximise account profitability
  • Maximise impact of research initiation
  • Maximise performance of corporate marketing campaign


Singletrack best practice includes recommendations for integration with other platforms, such as research publishing systems, telephony, Windows sign-on, order and revenue data.

Singletrack recognises that high levels of adoption by fully committed users is crucial to ROI, so Singletrack Way also addresses all of the cultural, management and organisational factors that affect individual user satisfaction and performance.

The Singletrack Way best practice methodology is offered to all Singletrack client firms.